About Us

About Us

Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council


The Jordanian Nurses & Midwives Council (JNMC) is the national professional voice of registered nurses & midwives in Jordan JNMC with national and international partnership advances the professional practice of nursing & midwifery to improve health outcomes JNMC is the premier organization Founded in 1972 and currently representing the interests of the 35,527 registered nurses and midwives. JNMC is at the forefront line to advocate nurses and midwives rights.




A unified and powerful Nurses and midwives to force the nursing profession and health care today and for the future.




JNMC exists to advance the nursing &midwiferyprofession by:

  • Upgrading, protecting, defending and organizing the profession.
  • Cooperating with the Ministry of Health and all institutions and bodies related to the profession in order to upgrade of the profession and its employees and provide the best services to patients.
  • Unifying nurses and midwives decisions and preserving their rights and dignity.
  • Maintaining the profession ethics and conduct.
  • Securing a decent life for nurses, midwives and their families, whether in the case of their work, disability or old-age.
  • Fostering high standards of nursing & midwives practice;
  • Promoting a safe and ethical work environment;
  • Bolstering the health and wellness of nurses& midwives
  • Advocating on health care issues that affect nurses & midwives and the public.

Because JNMC represents the interests of all registered nurses& midwives, we are here to support you to reach your full potential. From career development resources to lobbying Officials on the issues that affect nurses& midwives, we are here every step of the way. When individual nurses& midwives achieve their full potential and unite with relevant others, JNMC can accomplish its mission.