President Speech

President Speech


Dear Colleagues, members of the general assembly,

I would like to extend my sincere greetings to you and start my words by expressing how proud I feel to be a nurse. I would also like to express my appreciation to the confidence you all have granted me to lead this journey.

I am writing to you today through our beloved association’s website, with its new look, which aims to bring us closer to all members and deliver a bright image of the association and the nursing career in Jordan.

I strongly believe that each nurse is a leader of this association, and that all nurses and midwives carry a combination of academic and practical energies that are able to sustain our health system and support communities where each citizen has an opportunity to be healthy.

The nursing career deserves to be at the forefront of all other careers due to its importance and sacredness, which motivated me to lead this ship with all other board members to reach the vision we all look forward to achieve.

My 30 years of experience-inside and outside our beloved country Jordan-has enabled me to contribute to the advancement of the nursing career by creating relevant systems and establishing international standards that have made a positive change in the lives of patients.

I believe that the existence of a national association, along with its committees and the strength of its board members and their exceptional expertise, can bring forward a valuable opportunity for nurses to advance the nursing career in our beloved Jordan; noting that your enrollment in the association empowers us to lead all of you with more strength and deliver your voices and noble demands.

Respect, professionalism, commitment, humanity, and honesty at work are our values.

With much appreciation to all


Khaled Rababah